wandasncredible Productions

brought to you by wandasncredible….wandasncredible is an experience!

Projects completed

Non-Profit Organization Page Creation : wandasncredible.org

Podcasts: “Verse of the day” Ministry podcast and the “Wanda Jefferson” podcast available on messy.fm and various other outlets

Podcasts Series: The Verse of the Day Ministry Podcast presents Bible in a Year Segment 1-366 starts January 2020

Podcasts Series: The Wanda Jefferson Podcast presents #wandasncredible reviews starts September 2020

Youtube Show ” Ronald’s Gamer Vids”: Ronald teaches Minecraft techniques ( available now)

Youtube Show ” I’ve Got a Friend who”:  Explores the dramatic nature of friendship by Wanda Jefferson ( available now)

Coming Soon

Magazine: WannaQ Magazine (TBD)

Additions to the Store: wandasncredible leggings, shorts, and underwear (TBD)

Trailers: for books, merchandise and short film (TBD)

Product Box: wandasncredible 365 Quotes & Calendar gift box product launch: Coming September 2020

This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Check out some really great mom ideas, links, and posts at wannamommablog.wordpress.com


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