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“An Investment in me; Is an investment in the best of small business”-Wanda Jefferson

Greetings, My name is Wanda Jefferson, I am a small business owner and CEO of the company wandasncredible. As a small business owner, everyone said I could not survive, however I am still kicking after 2 years, with barely little to no funding.

I started this dream with nothing but ideas. I, a divorced mother of 4, literally was living this dream on assistance, no child support and my health was not great. I, a black woman at 36, with just the internet, the ability to write and bills mounting, wanted better for my kids. I still want these things, I still need help, and I am still striving to succeed.

With 10 books now written, my brand wandasncredible on every major social media outlet, as an admin of many groups, promoter of grass roots artists and media, a creator of custom art and design, being my own publisher, editor and advertiser, and doing all from my I phone and a laptop, now with no income but what I make from sales, I think I have proven to be a worthy investment.

Many would have given up by now, many called me stupid for letting go of all the help I had, for even stepping out and wanting better, and for thinking that I could accomplish anything on such little money and no major resources but I am determined, to show my kids and the world, that your ideas are not a waste, they are just waiting for the proper funding.

This is why I am writing this article, this is why I am reaching out! I work hard everyday, as a cyber mother, cooking, cleaning, interacting, writing, improving my health and making every dollar we receive count. This is not a game for me, and this is not a hustle or a handout situation. I know that if I had the proper funding I could accomplish every goal and dream I can imagine, and I have a lot!

wandasncredible is not just for one idea, it has a multifaceted, global enterprise written all over it. If you look at this website , you will see the many ways this company can work, can create revenue, capital and a tremendous profit!

I am aiming big, and I wish that I could say a couple hundred or thousand dollars would help but it won’t. I need to remodel my entire home to make make it a proper headquarters, from top to bottom. I need to pay off debt and build a stellar credit history and trade history. I need a vehicle and ways of advertising more, through travel, TV ads and social media ads; I need to hire, to find great workers and to build this company, an American company, from the ground up, with a well rooted foundation. I need the ability to buy and sell stocks, create benefits for employees of every race, creed, and color, without any discrimination towards their gender or sexual preferences.

This is not about me making a mere dollar, but about taking the company and what I love to do to the next level by: offering jobs, giving opportunities, stimulating our economy, paying taxes, contributing to charities, creating quality products and services and making an indelible imprint on society as a whole.

I am seeking 1 million dollars, to elevate my company to the next level. I need serious investors, with serious money. I need Successful Investors, people who think just like me, BIG! I need those who want to see their money succeed, their investments grow, and have a hard working woman, who never gives up, going for it.

Is that person and/or persons,YOU? If so, I can promise you will NEVER BE DISAPPOINTED! Don’t throw your money away on people who play games and do not want to work! Who at the slightest challenge give up and let your money go down the drain! Invest in me, and see real results, and success, in each and every one of your hard earned dollars! I am confident, that whoever wants to succeed will invest in me!!!!!!

Final Thought:

If I can do all of this with 0, imagine what I can with your investment?

Thank You,

Wanda Jefferson dba wandasncredible

BBB Accredited Business

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P.S. Also, for those with any size investments… Your support is appreciated and any amount you give directly contributes to my success….Thank you for investing in me….wandasncredible!


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